Maisy Cabilin

Hello, I'm Maisy Cabilin

I create websites and make them pretty

My Portfolio

Some of the Work I've Done

  • Mini Mr Francher Stickers

    Graphic Designer/Illustrator

    Illustrations were requested to be used as stickers for a fun and unique way to display student grades.

  • XrayHead

    Web Designer/Front-End & Web Developer

    XrayHead is a platform for online Radiology applications. Projects worked on during internship: ClariPacs, VisionCME, Chest Fellow Module, Jviewer Project.

  • Game Websites

    Graphic & Web Designer/Front-End Developer

    Private Ragnarok Online game websites customized to add more fun elements and interesting twists to the popular game, Ragnarok Online. Projects worked on: BurnRO, Neo Burnro, SelcouthRO, EnticeRO, SeirinRO.

  • Meriel Cabilin

    Graphic & Web Designer/Front-End Developer

    A portfolio website for a commercial model and actress to reach a larger audience and showcase her gallery.

  • IndiePlaya, Inc

    Graphic & Web Designer/Quality Assurance

    IndiePlaya, Inc. is an online film distribution platform that enables profitable DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) marketing and distribution of independent film.

Hello There!

I'm a California-based Web Designer and a Front-End Developer with over 4 years in experience. I also dabble in Graphic Design and Web Development whenever I can.

If I don't already know what I need to in order to get you the project you want, I learn it. I am always willing to try new things and look forward to challenges that push my designing and scripting skills even further.

Work Process


We will talk about your business so I can ensure that your website reflects your vision. I'll ask you questions and suggest features to get a better feel of what you want to accomplish.


Based on the research, I can start making your dream website come true. First, I'll create wireframes and design multiple mock-ups to show you what the website would look like. Then, you simply need to decide which design you like best!


After a design is picked, I'll start scripting a prototype. Once you approve of the features and functionality, I will then move on to heavy coding. Upon completion, I double and triple check to make sure everything works and behaves as it should.


I do final checks with you to make sure you are happy with everything. Then, we publish your website!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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